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Life insurance is just betting you'll die.





And it’s Heart Disease pulling strong into the final furlong. It’s left Aeschemic Bowel well behind. Prostate Cancer put in a good show but it doesn’t look like it can finish things off. That Angry Looking Dog From Down the Road dropping off fast now. Your Mate’s Driving making a surprise dash into third as Dementia seems to lose its way. Heart Disease still looking good.


Oh but what’s this Tragic Accident, it’s Tragic Accident, Tragic Accident taking it by a head. The crowd look stunned.


Deaths a pretty sure bet. Ready to make some money on it? Life insurance from Aviva.


The new Aviva app will reimagine sports betting for life insurance. “Players” will be able to track their premiums,

and increase their payouts with side bets and accumulators.

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“Players” will be able to input health data from apps like Strava to give them better odds (lower their premiums). They’ll be able to track friends and place bets on who will get a payout first.

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