It's beer squash.

NPD: Beer Concentrate

Brewdog HomeDog beer concentrate is essentially alcoholic Robinson’s Squash.


Add it to water, sparkling if that’s what you like, and BOOM you’ve got a pint of beer. It reduces water waste, cuts down on carbon emissions from shipping and gives first timers a taste of home brewing. Cheers!


The sachets can act as their own DMs.


Make any tap a Homedog tap.

Take full control with your own carbonators

and bottles.


Brewdog challenge Robinsons for the title of King of Squash by becoming the grown-up squash sponsor of Wimbledon.

Brewdog also sponsor the raquet sport it makes sense to sponsor. Squash.

Since Homedog will save so much water in its production, let's use some of the profits to tackle water poverty.

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